Park City

From its central design, Nuevonomé is unlike any other residential development in the area. A carefully thought out and executed master plan puts the community at the center of everything. The central park with its neo-colonial design chapel, its community plaza designed for concerts, events and cultural celebrations will function as the heart of the community, from this plaza surrounded by trees follows a beautiful mixed-use complex with space for commercial premises, restaurants, basic necessities establishments and spaces for school and police headquarters, to this is added a beautiful park with gazebos, trails and sports courts. From its main access on Vía a La Pintada with a gas station and space for a hotel to its rear access, Nuevonomé is interconnected by both main and secondary streets with tree-lined walkways. A bike path on the boulevard and small parks, benches and trees decorate and create a pleasant environment unlike anything else available in the market.


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Nuevonomé - Park City

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